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Kali Burns Fitness

Home Workout Plan


Kali’s 4 week ultimate home workout guide! Perfect for losing body fat, becoming toned and tight in all the right areas, creating a beautiful feminine figure and leave you feeling fit and healthy! 

What’s included?

 Training programming which is specifically designed to slim, tone and tighten in all the right areas! It has a combination of resistance  training with the use of dumbbells, as well as HIIT conditioning! 

 Educate you to create long lasting habits, understand how to correctly program your workouts for the best results and provide you with extensive knowledge to help you continue your fitness and health journey. 

 Access to a private Facebook group, where you have demonstrations of the exercises you will be performing! With ongoing support and guidance! 

 As long as you’re able to stay in communication and follow the plans made for you then you will get the best results possible.
 Discounted supplement stacks personalised to your fitness needs thanks to EHPlabs