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SNATCH & SHRED CHALLENGE (Commences 16th of November)



Do you want to lose body fat, gain lean muscle and improve your overall conditioning. And feel confident, fit and healthy. This 4 Week Challenge is for YOU! 

What’s included?

 $500 Tahira by Kb wardrobe For the best before and after photo, ensure you hashtag #kaliburnsfitnessgirls #shredxkaliburns

• Training programs which include weights, HIIT and core sessions. Specifically designed to burn fat, whilst gaining lean muscle! And to educate you on the fundamentals of training. 

• Nutrition sample plan  which is specifically designed to detox your body, fuel your workouts whilst ensuring it has the perfect balance of macros to give you the desired results you are after!

• Educating you to create long lasting habits so you’ll be able to have more balance when it comes to fitness and everyday life.

• Facebook forum to see the workout videos, communicate with myself as well as the other women completing this challenge & overall support and motivation.

• As long as you’re able to stay in communication and follow the plans made for you then you will get the best results possible!

Challenge commences 16th of November