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Kali Burns Fitness

Shred X Kali Burns 2.0 Challenge


The ultimate bikini body challenge for YOU! This 4 week challenge is designed to get you lean, defined, toned and full of body confidence! COMMENCING 22/10/18 until 19/11/18

What’s included?

$500 cash prize! For the best before and after photo, ensure you hashtag #kaliburnsfitnessgirls #shredxkaliburns

Training programs which include weights, HIIT and core sessions. Specifically designed to burn fat, whilst gaining lean muscle! And to educate you on the fundementals of training. 

 Optional customised nutrition programming catered specifically to you! Which will be specifically designed to detoxify your body, fuel your workouts and achieve your desired result! 

 Check ins to see how you are progressing!

 Facebook forum, for constant ongoing guidance and support 

As long as you’re able to stay in communication and follow the plans made for you then you will get the best results possible!

Challenge commences 22/10/18 until 19/11/18