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Kali Burns Fitness

Customised 6 Week Training & Nutrition Plan


Do you want to lose body fat, gain lean muscle and improve your overall conditioning. Feel confident, fit and healthy?  This is for my girls who are serious about making a change, want that one on one support and guidance and as this is a more involved plan- you are able to achieve your goal in a shorter manner!

What’s included?

• Training programming which is specifically designed to your body composition, your current day to day lifestyle, and with your goal in mind with what you want to achieve. Throughout the 6 weeks you will receive three blocks of progressive training plans. 

• Nutritional programming which is specifically designed to your body, food likes and dislikes, your current day to day lifestyle and your present and past nutritional habits. All whilst your goal in mind with what you want to achieve. I'll provide you with your macro breakdown, a meal plan to specially to hit those numbers. Throughout the 6 weeks you will also receive three progressive nutrition plans.

• Educating you to create long lasting habits so you’ll be able to have more balance when it comes to fitness and everyday life. Therefore I will ensure once you finish working under my coaching you will feel knowledgable, and confident in order to create this a life-style. 

I will also ask you to film and see me various exercises, which I will break down for you to work on your form and technique. As this is crucial in order to achieve your body composition you desire.

• Weekly check ins to see how you are progressing, and ill make adjustments for you accordingly!

Optional supplement recommendations. 

• You will also have 24/7 access via email, helping you stay on track throughout your program.

• As long as you’re able to stay in communication and follow the plans made for you then you will get the best results possible.

Discounted supplement stacks personalised to your fitness needs thanks to EHPlabs

Please allow up to three working days after you send back your questionnaire, to have your plan emailed back to you. My plans are completely customised and it does take me some time to ensure they are perfect.