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Booty Bible


KBs BOOTY BIBLE is for all my ladies who want to grow those peachy glutes and snatch that waist. It's time to step your game up and take it to the next level! This program will help you build lean muscle, full body shape, decrease body fat, increase strength and leave you feeling fit and healthy. 

What’s included?

 Training programming which is specifically designed to grow that booty and increase that muscle, whilst losing body fat! It has a combination of full body resistance (gym based) training, as well as HIIT conditioning! 

 Provide you with extensive knowledge and specific techniques and tricks, used to intensify your workouts and take your physique to the next level.  

 Exercise demonstrations and cueing. To ensure perfect form and execution.

  Kali Burns Fitness Girls - Facebook Forum for encouragement and support from fellow participants as well as Kali.

  As long as you’re able to stay in communication and follow the plan made for you then you will get the best results possible.