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Prepare or Fail

“Planning to eat the right food which will make you healthier and reach your goals is the starting point of your Nutrition foundations.

Organizing a time to purchase your food is where you need to begin; set aside two days where you purchase your groceries is CRITICAL. I personally prep on a Sunday and a Wednesday. That way I can ensure my food is always fresh and ready to go! (more…)


Staying Fit and Healthy whilst Travelling

As you would all be aware, I absolutely love to travel and find myself overseas more often than not. Over the years I have learnt to understand my bodies “wants” and “needs” and adapt to each situation at hand. I am the first to put my hand up and say I use to struggle mentally being out of routine. I am a creature of habit and love structure throughout most aspects of my life. But some situations such as travelling, can definitely throw us out of whack, but it’s all about your willingness and drive to stay on track! So how do I maintain my body/stay fit and healthy whilst travelling? (more…)